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Power Up Your Resolutions Bundle

Power Up Your Resolutions Bundle

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Want to power up your resolutions and take intentional action toward your goals?

Our Power Up Your Resolutions Bundle includes two of our best-selling planners, the Fit For More Fitness Planner and the 2023 Success Planner, designed to help you prioritize your health and wellness while staying motivated and focused towards achieving your goals.

The Fit For More Fitness Planner includes space to track your workouts, meal plans, and progress toward your fitness goals, while the 2023 Success Planner helps you set and track your goals, plan your actions, and stay accountable toward creating the life you want. With this bundle, you'll have everything you need to power up your resolutions and make 2023 your best year yet. 

Order now and start powering your progress today!

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About the Success Planner: 

✍🏼 Personal Well-Being Journal 

  • Mindset journaling prompts to help you (stop negative self-talk, remove the blocks that make you feel stuck, get rid of fear and procrastination) 
  • Focus on personal development so you can become the highest possible version of yourself
  • Elevate your positive energy & increase your vibrational alignment so you can attract what you desire

 👩🏽‍🏫 Life Coach in a Planner

  • 240 pages that contain our signature goal-setting systems using SMART Principles, thought-provoking journaling, and self-accountability to help you transform your life from where you are now to where you desire to be
  • Habit trackers, energy trackers, goal trackers, personal development trackers, network-to-networth trackers, vision board, affirmation cards, successful habits, cheat sheet

🎯 Goal Setting + Accountability System 

  • Follow the same methods that successful people around the world use to repeatedly reach their wildest dreams and big goals 
  • Set big goals and scaffold those down into manageable action steps each day 
  • Align your daily actions with your goals + align your results with your actions 
  • Weekly, monthly, and yearly journal reflection pages to improve and celebrate personal milestones

🧲 Law of Attraction & Law of Vibration Principles 

  • Use vision board planning pages to help you visualize and focus on your desires 
  • Get super clear on your goals and follow create a positive mindset around the actions you must take to achieve them 
  • Incorporate mindfulness and consciously balance your energy to become a vibrational match to your desires 

 About the Fitness Planner: 

🏋🏽‍♀️ Personal Fitness + Nutrition Coach in a Planner

  • Over 160 pages of professional fitness & nutrition guides, mindset therapy, and performance accountability to help you transform your mind, overall health, and body to your desired outcome. 
  • Strength and cardio workouts that are used by fitness professionals and athletes to help you gain lean muscle, shed unwanted pounds, and give you the body confidence you've always longed for. 
  • A nutritional cheat sheet that reveals the types of foods that accounts for 85% of your results when it comes to flattening your mid-section, trimming your thighs, and firming up the areas you want to show off. 
🍛 Nutrition and Meal Planner 
  • Nutrition planner helps you eliminate food anxiety and impulse eating and create an enjoyable plan where you have fun with food while you reach your goals  
  • Water tracker to help you stay mindful about your intake so you can reach your hydration goals 
  • Nutrition cheat sheet, shopping planner, and the mindful portions resource help you stay on top of your goals whether you're eating in, dining out, or celebrating a special occasion. 


🎯 Goal Setting + Accountability System  

🧲 Law of Attraction & Law of Vibration Principles 

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