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Prosperous Profits Investment/Trading Journal

Prosperous Profits Investment/Trading Journal

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 About This Product:

This Prosperous Profits Investment Journal is an ideal journal to help you maintain focus on your daily financial growth as well as align you with the vision of creating generational wealth as you compound your profits long-term. Each day puts your mindset in alignment with money and limitless abundance with money-related affirmations on each page. 


This notebook pairs well with our Notebook/Journals which will allow even more space for personal journaling in areas of your life that you wish to improve, including your finances. 

What's Inside?

  • One perfect-bound journal with a glossy softcover and back cover.  
  • 120 pages inside: More than 100 days of investment logs, plus a financial planning vision board,  daily profit goal setting, compound profit planning for one year, daily session reflections, and money/wealth/abundance affirmations. 
  • Measures 8in X 10in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great Profit Journal

I love the journal. I especially love the colors and decor. The layout is simple and it is easy to follow to track your profit. I feel it has helped me become more conscious and responsible about my investments and staying on track with increasing my account. I would definitely recommend.

Wow! We are so glad to hear that it is helping you stay on track and increase your profits. More money is always music to the ears. Thank you for your review.

Great Journal

I used it a couple of times but want to make sure I’m using it right. It looks simple and has clear instructions. I just always like to double check to make sure. Love the designs and affirmations. My account is growing so that’s the most important part.

I love it!

This journal is so pretty! I love it. It even came with a vision board on the inside and I love to draw. I spent a few minutes on my vision board, it was fun and and really made me happy. It was also relaxing. I can’t wait to use the rest of it.