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Empowered Flower Watercolor Watercolor Watercolor Writing Journal

Empowered Flower Watercolor Watercolor Watercolor Writing Journal

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Beautiful, Vibrant, and Inspiring Watercolor Journal  🦋 

About This Product:

This floral-themed writing journal is perfect for expressing all of your thoughts & ambitions. Designed with floral, butterflies, and beautiful watercolor illustrations, this journal is ideal for deep thoughts and feelings to blossom.

Whether you're looking for a beautiful place to write in your thoughts or just need a cute journal for keeping your feelings and memories safe, this Empowered Flower journal is the perfect place for expressing yourself and keeping those treasured thoughts close to your heart.


This writing journal pairs well with our I Am Success Alignment Plannerwhich is a 12-month planner affirmation-based, goal-setting planner to help you remove limiting beliefs and go after your big dreams.  This planner/journal pair is also available as a bundle

What's Inside?

  • One perfect-bound journal with a glossy softcover and back cover.  
  • Floral & butterfly-themed journal pages.
  • 120 pages inside: This blank journal with a gorgeous flower cover allows you the freedom to dream and write without boundaries. Truly inspiring.
  • Measures 6in X 9in

Note: This item is currently in stock.

When our journals are out of stock, you can still place your order as you normally would, and the journal will ship, but with a 7-10 business day processing time and 3-5 day shipping timeframe. So a total of 10-15 business days from order to shipment to your door when an out-of-stock notice appears. 

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