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The Success Duo Manifesting Bundle

The Success Duo Manifesting Bundle

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Hard work only gets you so far! 

If you're not subconsciously aligned with the desires you say you want, you can do everything you think you need to do and still not gain the success you hoped for. 

There are a LOT of people in this world who go to school, get degrees and work hard, and still have very little to show for it.
They don't understand that they are living the lifestyle they've created in their subconscious mind and in order to change it, they need to go within and remove the blocks that keep them tied to their current circumstances. 

Fit For More Store makes it easy for you to shut down limiting beliefs, increase your confidence, and create the version of you that can do anything, successfully!


The Success Duo is a manifesting journaling Bundle that helps you create your intentions through journaling, vision boards, and purposeful planning, PLUS, align your vibration with the power of 777 to encourage continual luck and success on your journey! 

Are you ready to create opportunity and attract lucky vibes in your life or business?!

What's In The Bundle? 

  • You can choose a 2023 annual planner, a fitness planner, or the Namaste Chakra Journal 
  • Dream Writing Pen 
  • Gemstone, Manifestation Routine Bookmark 
  • Harvest Good Jar with Crystals and other ingredients to attract luck 
  • White Salt Protection Jar to ward off negative energies 
  • Palo Santo to recharge your crystals and cleanse your aura
  • Affirmation Stickers to use w/affirmation cards or vision boards (in the planner) 
  • A special good luck ritual has been performed for all Harvest Good Luck Jars

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