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Success Alignment Planner (Summer Quarterly)

Success Alignment Planner (Summer Quarterly)

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GREAT BUY ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

"This is the only planner that has pushed me out of my comfort zone. It gives me a clear vision and gives me the understanding I need to get where I want to go."

This is a Summer Quarterly Planner for July-September and is 99.99% USABLE. 

  • All Journaling Pages are Undated
  • All Planner Pages are Undated
  • All Reflection Pages are Undated

**There is a July, August and September Calendar inside, but the dates inserted are for 2022. You can manually update this or ignore this page. The only 3 pages that have dates. Therefore, it is $10 instead of $38.99. 

Ditch the procrastination, fear, stress, and overwhelm that you get with blank planners that leave you the space to be busy, but not enough guidance to help you prioritize the goals that really matter to you! 

The Success Planner uses Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration Principles to help you create a focused mindset and intentional action that results in you reaching the goals you've always wanted. 

How would you finally like to stop struggling with staying motivated or feeling stuck on how to accomplish your dreams? 

The journal sections help you remove any limiting beliefs, visualize and create action plans for your short and long-term goals, and help you look forward to completing your passions and purpose in life. 

This is truly a one-of-a-kind planner with the key personal development processes needed to help you create a remarkable life transformation and live out your wildest dreams. 


This journal pairs well with any of our notebook journals which will allow even more space for personal journaling in areas of your life that you wish to improve and our Moon Journal to help you align your intentions and desires according to the phases of the moon. 

What's Inside?

  • One perfect-bound journal with a glossy softcover and back cover.  

  • Over 80 journaling and planning pages inside:
  • The Summer Quarterly covers 3-months (July, August, and September)
  • Monthly goal-setting & action planner for each month 
  • Undated weekly planning pages, plus monthly and mid-year reflection journaling pages (stickers/labels make the monthly pages 100% useable)
  • Mindset journaling prompts (clearing the noise, removing negative self-talk, mindset blocks, etc.)
  • Daily habit trackers for accountability
  • Daily focus on intention/goals
  • Personal development worksheet/tracker
  • Network/net worth worksheet and tracker
  • Positive affirmation cards
  • Successful Habits Cheat Sheet
  • Important Holiday Calendar 
  • Notes pages & more 
  • Measures 6in X 9in or 8in X 10in

Note: Limited quantities in stock and ready to ship!

Will NOT restock once sold out! 

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Customer Reviews

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This is everything I was looking for!

I have a lot to say. I am not great with being consistent with planners. I get overwhelmed with so much info and all that jazz. But when I tell you I look forward to using this quarterly planner I am. No lie before I would get planners use it for a few days and then it would collect dust lol. Now I have this out ,my book of self improvement to read, iPad with good notes for all my to do lists for both personal and business. There is so much I love about this. It has everything I need all in one place. It was designed perfectly like for me and my scatter brain. I love everything about it. My favorite part is the reframing your mindset section. I mean I was skeptical about it at first because I was like there goes another wasteful planner....but I WAS SO WRONG. it's like the universe put this in my path so I can be more productive and procrastinate less. I swear. I feel excited to get things done. This is my first week using it and I can't wait when the quarter is done to get my hands on the next one.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!

I will be repurchasing and getting some other products.

@fitformore....I can't thank you enough! I will check back once the quarter is done ☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️