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Fit For More | 2023 Moon Journal

Fit For More | 2023 Moon Journal

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About This Product:

The moon has always held a certain mystery and power. Some say it has something to do with the gravitational cycle, the tides, and fertility cycles. Others say it's just magic. Whatever your take on the moon, it can't be denied that someone who knows how to harness its power can be way more productive. That's where the 2023 Moon Journal comes in. 

The Fit For More Moon Journal is an essential tool for unlocking the power of the moon’s phases and its energy. As you use the Moon Journal to write and reflect on your desires during each moon phase, you can feel your intentions and desires deepening as you progress through your journal entries.

With its guided prompts and beautiful moon-inspired designs, the Fit For More Moon Journal can help bring about profound inner shifts and the manifestation of your desires as you honor and align with the energy of the moon. The Moon Journal is a tool to amplify your energy, unlocking a more creative, vibrant, and balanced you.


This journal pairs well with any of our notebook journals which will allow even more space for personal journaling in areas of your life that you wish to improve. Staff recommendation: 

What's Inside?

  • One perfect-bound journal with a glossy soft cover and back cover.  
  • 120 pages inside: 12 months of moon journaling, monthly moon cycle chart, moon journaling prompts for each phase of the moon, moon meditation practices, moon affirmations, and a vision board to help you set your intentions. 
  • Measures 6in X 9in


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Customer Reviews

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Loved it!!

I love how everything is detailed and inviting from the start. I have plenty of room to write and the cover is just as beautiful in person!! I will definitely be buying again.