Fit For More Fitness Planner: Flawless girl

Fit For More Fitness Planner: Flawless girl

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Skip breaking your promise to yourself of getting in better shape this year!
This "Fitness Coach" in a planner will get your mind and motivation right so that you have no choice but to come out on TOP!

Are you FINALLY ready for your WIN this year?!

Created by a certified fitness coach, and based on months of research & client feedback, the Fit For More Fitness Planner is proven to help you stay inspired, clarify your goals, create consistency, and most of all, accomplish your goals!

This completely undated 12-week /90-day fitness planner integrates mindfulness, vision board planning, accountability, and well-being progress check-ins to keep your momentum high so you can push through regardless of who else is giving up around you. 

Whether you're just getting started with your fitness journey today or starting over for what we hope to be your last time, the Fit For More Fitness Planner will help you make your vision of your dream body, better health, and fitness performance, a reality! 


Pro Tip: 

This fitness planner pairs well with any of our Success Planners that are designed to improve your personal well-being, nix mindset blocks like procrastination, imposter syndrome, or stress, and allows you to increase your vibration so you can stay in balance and harmony with the habits that will move you towards your goals. 

What's Inside?

🏋🏽‍♀️ Personal Fitness + Nutrition Coach in a Planner

  • Over 160 pages of professional fitness & nutrition guides, mindset therapy, and performance accountability to help you transform your mind, overall health, and body to your desired outcome. 
  • Strength and cardio workouts that are used by fitness professionals and athletes to help you gain lean muscle, shed unwanted pounds, and give you the body confidence you've always longed for. 
  • A nutritional cheat sheet that reveals the types of foods that accounts for 85% of your results when it comes to flattening your mid-section, trimming your thighs, and firming up the areas you want to show off. 

🎯 Goal Setting + Accountability System 

  • A clear goal-setting system that leaves you feeling inspired and optimistic about reaching your goals in the next 90 days
  • Monthly, weekly, and daily checklists, reflections, and reward systems to keep you accountable and motivated to push through to your desired results 
  • Nutrition, water, and fitness logs and trackers that help you pinpoint areas of strengths and areas that need improvement. 

🧲 Law of Attraction & Law of Vibration Principles 

  • Use vision board planning pages to help you visualize and focus on your desires 
  • Get super clear on your goals and follow create a positive mindset around the actions you must take to achieve them 
  • Incorporate mindfulness and consciously balance your energy to become a vibrational match to your fitness and nutrition desires 
🍛 Nutrition and Meal Planner 
  • Nutrition planner helps you eliminate food anxiety and impulse eating and create an enjoyable plan where you have fun with food while you reach your goals  
  • Water tracker to help you stay mindful about your intake so you can reach your hydration goals 
  • Nutrition cheat sheet, shopping planner, and mindful portions resource help you stay on top of your goals whether you're eating in, dining out, or celebrating a special occasion. 

More Details: 

-Nutrition Planner Sheets
-Fitness Planner Sheets
-Healthy Picks Cheat Sheet
-Shopping List Planner
-Prep Checklist 
-Guided Accountability Check-Ins 
-Rewards Tracker
-Water Tracker
-Goal-Setting Sheets
-Healthy Recipe Planner Sheets
-Progress Trackers & Reflection Sheets

Measures 6in X 9 in 

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Customer Reviews

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Kristin Branch
Beautiful and It Works

Ok, so there's so they got so many things RIGHT when it comes to a fitness planner. I never really wanted one before because I didn't think I would use it or that it would work but it keeps me mindful about my water and healthy food options. I also do the workouts in it and I have lost over 10 lbs since using it. Love the colors and designs of girls who look like me. Thank you - thank you for making this. I will make sure to refer others to you.