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Mindful HeartSpace Women's Devotional Journal (Hard Cover)

Mindful HeartSpace Women's Devotional Journal (Hard Cover)

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Have you ever wondered if you were on the right path? Or if there was a bigger purpose for you in life? The 30-Day HeartSpace Devotional helps you do a deep dive into your heart, mind, and soul. You'll be able to reclaim your dreams and purpose by understanding what you want, why you want it, what's holding you back from receiving it, why God chose YOU for it, and why He's waiting for you to open yourself up to all He has for you.

About This Product:

The HeartSpace Devotional is a 30-day spiritual journaling experience that is intentionally created to help you uncover and release the layers that no longer serve your life, discover your true purpose, and walk in the promise that God intends for your life.

The HeartSpace Devotional is written by best-selling author and founder of Fit For More Store, Léa Thompson. Léa has dedicated her life to helping others find their purpose and uncover the unique powers within. 

The HeartSpace Devotional is a tool that can be used over and over again. The simple prompts are designed to help you uncover what is hidden beneath the layers that are blocking your purpose.

By taking this 30-day journey, you will be able to reconnect with what is important to you and learn how to create a life that has meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

The journal will help you to build a healthy foundation to make sure that you are also able to sustain your inner growth long after the 30 days are over.

If you are ready to journey on the road to reclaim who you were designed to be, live at your highest potential, and discover a life full of the purpose God has prepared for you, this HeartSpace Devotional is the inspiration you need. 


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"There is so much reflection, healing, self-love, and even empowerment that will take place in this journal. I cried. I felt seen. But I also felt a release of everything I had been holding on to. Wow! 

My only recommendation is for someone to really see this through. Sometimes people like to take breaks and forget, then come back to it. They will really get the revelations, releases, and restorations they need if they commit and do the 30 days all the way through. 30 days was worth it and my life will forever be changed because of it."

More About the Book: 

Each day is filled with daily scripture, daily passage, daily prompt, and daily affirmation to help you let go (of what's no longer serving you), lock-in (to what your heart and soul are guiding you to do, and level up (to all God has called you to be).

Are you ready to stop playing it small and live full out as the woman you were created to be?  If so, this devotional is for you! 


This journal pairs well with any of our notebook journals which will allow even more space for personal journaling in areas of your life that you wish to improve. Staff recommendation is the beautiful Empowered Flower Journal which can be seen here

What's Inside?

  • One perfect-bound journal with a hardcover.  
  • 72 pages inside: 30 days of scripture, positivity passages, and journaling with
     daily prompts, prayers, self-love notes, and affirmations.
  • Measures 6in X 9in

There is also a softcover version which can be seen here


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Tawana C

I am so happy I bought the devotional!! I see devotional gift giving in my future!!! Love it!!❤️❤️