About Fit For More Store - Message From CEO

Welcome to Fit For More Store! 

We are excited and more than grateful that you chose to visit our online stationery boutique! 

What is Fit For More Store?

Fit For More Store is an online stationery boutique that offers a wide-range of mood and mind-shifting journals, planners, devotionals with modern, uplifting designs.

Our guided journals and planners are intentionally designed with deep-thought journal prompts to equip and empower you to shift from a mindset that is no longer serving you so you can create the life you actually desire and deserve.

Who We Serve

Our soul tribe consists of women who are ready to unapologetically go after the life they desire and deserve! The woman who realizes she is Fit For More has put herself and her needs on the back burner in the past as she selflessly gave in to the needs of family, friends, partners, work, etc.

As a result, she has subconsciously programmed her mindset to thinking her effectiveness is making sure everyone else gets their success first, and then she will have time to pursue her dreams! 

She is now on her journey of self-healing and self-growth and realizes that her first love and her first priority is herself. She uses mindful journaling and intentional action planning to connect with herself, assess her needs, create her desires, and ultimately align herself with the mindset that allows her to live her life with purpose, on purpose. 

Our Mission 

The Fit For More Store mission is to inspire women like you to  unapologetically put yourself first (self-care), remove the guilt and shame from doing what sets your soul= on fire (self-love) and embrace the idea of creating the life you desire and deserve with our mood & mind-shifting planners & journals (self-empowerment).

Our Belief

It has been proven that intentional planning and mindful journaling are necessary components of self-growth, self-care, and self-love. For that reason alone, the reality you deserve is literally a pen and a journal/planner away! Don't miss your moment. You're already here visiting our site. Take action and make it happen. 

Message from the 💜  from our CEO 

Why Fit For More Store Exists

Over the years, our CEO, Lea Thompson coached thousands of women and they all had one main problem, they weren't living the life they dreamed of because life started happening and they felt it was best to sacrifice themselves and their dreams to make sure their family had what they needed instead. 

They all thought there would be a time in life when they could take the time to commit to themselves in life, except, there was never a perfect time for them to take that opportunity for themselves. 

Some of them had given up on their dreams because, "life is not that bad" and others were still looking for a way. 

Soon thereafter, Fit For More Store was born to remind you that wherever you are in life, you are fit for MORE! Much more. 

We want to help YOU fill your cup first. Your life is never going to change in the way that it is now because you have already accepted and adopted the programming that you are not effective if you are not helping someone else achieve their goals and dreams instead of yours. 

You have already accepted the accepted and adopted the programming that you will go back and pursue your dreams and goals at a later date because something or someone else who are unaligned with your true desires, needs you now!

We help you take get back to you to create the reality YOU want, without having to choose between them and you! 

Ask yourself ... 

Am I currently jumping out of bed in the morning doing what I  LOVE to do or am I going through the motions of of what I believe I NEED to do?! 

IF you are not currently the life you actually desire ... 

You're likely on pins and needles everyday in the form of stress, exhaustion, and quite possibly feelings of void and/or emptiness.

When this occurs, you may feel stuck in life, in your relationship, in your business, or any areas important to you because you are NOT choosing YOU in these instances. 

Your current mindset has made you feel like you owe your children, spouses/partners, friends, parents, coworkers, bosses, customers, etc and you give it all, but ...


Our planners, journals, and accessories are thoughtfully crafted to inspire you to create a vibrant and meaningful life. We believe, and teach you how the power of a journal and a pen can shift your subconscious mindset and allow you to actually change your circumstances so that you can live out your deepest dreams and desires.

Every journal, planner, devotional, notebook, and writing accessory that you see in our shop is provided from the most genuine heart and soul perspective so that we can help you align with being the BEST VERSION of you. 

Our team at Fit For More Store wants you to know that you are powerful beyond measure to wholly show up and fully evolve into the woman you were made to be. 

Our shop's planners, journals and services are here to provide you with the  motivation and momentum you need to bring yourself and your desires to the forefront of your mind so that you can, write what you want into existence, and make the life that was once just a thought in your mind, a physical reality. 

Want to know our favorite staff picks to start your personal desires journey in creating the life you desire and deserve?

Open page of the mindful heartspace journal that shows a passage and writing space on the left side and a self-love note page on the right side

The Mindful HeartSpace Devotional Journal is our signature journal as its 30 days of passages, prompts, reflective writing, and affirmations are the foundation of you reflecting and releasing older paradigms that no longer serve you so that you can truly recreate the life your heart desires. You absolutely cannot heal what you hide/suppress. This devotional journal helps you uproot limiting mindset beliefs, habits and behaviors, so that you have the room to plant the ideals and goals that you have been longing to achieve all this time. 

If you are attempting to figure out where to start, this is the one we recommend you most certainly add to cart. 

Our 2022 Success Alignment Planner & Journal - The Fit For More Signature Planner is more than just a "day planner." It is truly empowerment planner that provides a system that encourages you to take action, follow through, and be self-reflective of your areas of change and growth. If you want to tackle your life's goals while crushing your daily to-do, then this is the planner for you! Note: November - March we sell annual planners. April - December, the planners are sold as 90-day quarterly planners so that you can benefit from using them all year. 

Our 2022 Moon Journal - The Fit For More Store Moon Journal is here to help you align your actions and intention with the flow of the Universe so you can see the fruits of your promise sooner than later. If you're ready to travel life's journey a bit more easily and effortlessly by going with the flow, moon journaling might become your new favorite time of solitude. 


Our 90 Days of Mindful Gratitude Journal - The Fit For More Store Gratitude Journal is a simple way to help you live in the present moment and focus on what brings you joy. Giving gratitude is an underrated practice, but it is the most efficient way to quickly raise your vibration, make your days happier, reduce anxiety and overwhelm, plus improve your overall well-being. If you are looking
for ways to improve turning ordinary moments into extraordinary blessings, this gratitude journal is for you. 

Our Namaste Chakra Journal - The Fit For More Store Namaste Chakra Journal helps guide you through the seven chakra energy centers of the body. This divine and joyful journal is for anyone who desires to begin a powerful journey of healing, growth, and expansion through journaling based on balancing your chakra centers. This journal walks you through each chakra, its sound, its meditation focus, crystals for the chakras, and more.  

Now that you are inspired to complete your purchase, please feel free to use our welcome coupon found on the banner of the checkout page, or register for one of our other welcome promotions on our home page. 

Fit For More Team