How to Care for Your Crystals

How to Care for Your Crystals

Yay, you have crystals, but now what?  

First, before we get into how what to do with them and how to care for them, it's important to know what they are and used for.  

Crystals have been used for years to help people transform their lives in all areas, including, wealth, health, wisdom, love, and even a deeper connection to self. Basically, crystals help you strengthen your connection to our Universe's power source and amplify your alignment to abundance.

Everything is energy and since energy  knows no time or space, it's easy for these crystals to transmit your desires, helping you bring your innermost dreams into reality. 

Some would say, this replaces a higher being and put crystals on a pedestal, but I beg to differ. I use crystals as a helper of energy source since we everything whether we know it or not is connected in this world. I cannot tell you how many times I've felt energy radiating through my body as a result of just holding a crystal in my hand or having it near me in my pocket.  

Crystals are beautiful and extremely helpful.

Now we know what crystals are and how they help, I'm going to share how to make sure your crystals can do their best work for you. 

When your crystals first arrive, I recommend you clearing them prior to use. We take pride in cleansing your crystals of any energies prior to storing and send them to you, but due to extra handling between when they leave us and get to you, you'll want to make sure you clear them prior to your first use. 

Here's 3 Safe Ways to Clear Your Crystals

1) Using Sound - One of my favorite ways to cleanse crystals is to use sound.  It's easy and I don't have to worry about which crystals are sensitive to water or sunlight.  You can choose to make the sounds yourself with a tuning fork, singing bowl, bell, chime, or even with your own voice saing a prayer or chant WHILE being mindful of the intention of clearing them. However, my favorite way to use sound is to put on an 8 or 10 hour YouTube sound bath. This one is my fave.  

2) Using Smoke - For me, using smoke is a quick way to clear crystals. Though people can use sage, I prefer to use Palo Santo or incense.  Mostly because sage is an endangered source and should be reserved for those who need it for their spiritual rituals, and because sage removes all energies, good and bad so you'll have to fill the void with something. Palo Santo and incense can clear your space and leave you with wonderful energies.  You simply light it and visualize the smoke as moving your intention. If you are desiring to clear your space of negative energy, you see that smoke as that negativity rising up and disappearing as the smoke clears. I personally always voice what I want to leave. For example, I may say, "I am washing away any negativity, blockages, relationships ... that don't serve me as this is space is only for kindness, love, wealth, prosperity, and all good things that align with abundance in my life." Whatever you say, make it personal to you. Then let it all go and focus on your desires. 

3) Using Selenite - Selenite is a crystal that does not need cleansing.  You simply place your crystals near selenite for a few hours and they will be ready to go. I personally just sit mine by selenite at night and they are ready to go in the morning. Easy peasy! There are selenite bowls, selenite wands, and smaller pieces of selenite. Larger crystals may need longer periods of clearing so I would recommend at least 8 hours for large stones. For your convenience, when you order any package with crystals, we include a complimentary selenite crystal so you can easily and effortlessly clear your crystals for use. 

Other ways to clear/charge your crystals - There are many ways to clear crystals. Some popular ways are water, sunlight, moonlight, starlight, nature, rice, candle flames, pure intention, and more. However, we gave you our most favored, EASY ways to do this. You can certainly perform extra research and find your favorite method and learn which crystals are sensitive to certain methods. We just provided ways for you to start enjoying the benefits of crystals as soon as possible. 

Questions? Always free to contact us. We are happy to help! 

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