Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Holiday shopping can be a daunting task for the giver. While the holidays should be the most wonderful time, it can be a stressful time if you're worried about what type of gift someone may like. 

Luckily, Fit For More Store is a brand made by women, for women so we've pulled together some personality types and habits that and matched them with products in our shop that cater to the lifestyle needs of the woman you're shopping for to make it a gift that the special woman in your life is sure to love. 

Get ready to stock up on some of your favorite items that you never knew you needed, and some of her favorite items that she wants, needs, and loves. 

For the Fitness Lover 

The Fit For More Fitness Planners was created by a coach, with the mindset of coaching women to success, so that women get the results they desire. From weekly-prep checklists to self-accountability assessments, workout plans, nutrition plan templates, and grocery shopping cheat sheets, this fitness planner pack a no-excuses punch that keeps your fave fitness enthusiast motivated and on track. You know like I know that the number one reason most people give up on their journeys is that they lose motivation. You can give them the gift of a fresh start and success so they they WIN this time around!

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For the Dreamer & Goal Getter 

Scratch the to-do list where you write plans that just get moved over to the next day or week! The Fit For More Success Alignment Planner is designed to help get rid of the limiting beliefs that causes someone to not take actions and claim their life is just so "busy." Being "busy" is typically not a problem, but a symptom of attempting to reach goals without a solid plan. The Success planner guides you to increasing your positive mindset, create balance and harmony between what you have to do and what you want to do, and uses SMART Goal Principles to assist you in aligning you with the actions that will create SUCCESS. It's a smart choice and the perfect gift for any dreamer or goal-getter. 

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 For the Spiritual Queen 

Connecting with yourself and grounding spiritually can help you grow inwardly and show you how truly amazing and powerful you really are. Reaching dreams and goals is less about how much work you do on the outside and more about how well you align with your desires from within. The spiritual grounding journals from Fit For More Store allow time and space for self-exploration, healing and reflection, prayer and positivity, and a life full of gratitude. The journals are perfect for the woman who is on a journey to becoming the best version of herself by creating lasting change from the inside-out. 

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For the Stationery Lover

Journaling on colored pages helps motivate anyone to create a new reality for themselves. Fit For More notes, thoughts, and feelings journals are inspirational and allow you to dream in color! Journaling with the pen to paper is a powerful communication tool. Journaling in color boosts that powerful communication, picks up your mood and creates positive reactions that increase vibrational frequency and allows wonderful opportunities into your life! Going beyond a cute cover and ensuring the writing pages are just as uplifting makes Fit For More notebook writing journals the perfect gift for the lover of all things stationery. 

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Fit For More journals and planners are amazing gifts that are personal and show that you truly care about the happiness and well-being of the special person you are buying a gift for. 

Unlike things that can be unappreciated or even lost, people will never lose the memories, dreams, and goals they wrote down, and helping them bring their dreams to life will be cherished and appreciated for years to come. 

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