5 Types of Journals You Should Keep and Why

I wrote an Instagram post the other day and someone asked me how many journals I kept, what were they for, and is using multiple journals better. So if you too are wondering, if you should have multiple journals, I'm here to help you clarify whether multiple journals vs one is right for you. 

I used to keep everything in one journal. After a while, that became overwhelming because I would have to flip through pages to find what I was looking for or go back to different journals to see which one of the jumbled journals I wrote something in. 

For ease and efficiency, I found that my life drastically changed when I used multiple journals for different things because I had more focus, clarity, organization and accountability! 

So here are the five types of journals I keep, to create a better life for myself, fill my cup on a daily basis, and move closer to my most desired dreams and goals each day. It is my hope that you find benefit from this and choose your favorites based on what you hope to gain in your life. 

1. Daily Gratitude Journal 

In less than 10 minutes, this gratitude journal guides you though being mindful on what you’re grateful for, setting your intention for the day, speaking positive affirmations into your life, and offers a reflection upon your mood as it is essential to manifesting your desires. Inspiring by design, this journal is designed to uplift you by helping you stay focused on the gifts, value, and opportunities that life brings each day. There is also a workbook that comes with it that offers many prompts and the most overlooked moments of gratitude so that you can expand your awareness and most of all, your daily joy! 

open, soft cover book with the words gratitude on the page in pink and light pink. The book is surrounded by a rose quartz crystal, planner clips, and gemstone pens.

2. Visions and Goals Journal 

Better known as the Success Planner and Journal, this one has to be a staple in my life. This planner and journal is specifically where I write down things for the my immediate and long-term goals. It contains a vision board to which I add where I want to travel, how much money I desire to have in my bank account, and what I want want my life to look like in a year, three years, and five years from now. It also keeps me on my toes about ditching my limiting beliefs, making sure I regularly tune into personal development, keeps me accountable, and inspires me with all of the bold affirmations throughout the Success Planner. 

Success Planner opened to a page that has SMART Goals on it and  hand on the page with pink polish that adorns the nails.

3. Classic Journal for Dreams, Thoughts, and Feelings 

While journals with prompts give me clarity and focus, I still love a good, old blank journal that allows me to write without boundaries. Sometimes it's just questions I am seeking answers to and sometimes it's about daily happenings or my deepest thoughts and feelings. There is really no limit on how you can use this type of journal. I have found that pouring my heart out on the blank pages has offered me the most healing in areas that were difficult for me to feel. The blank lines with no judgement staring me in the face gave me the space to process, to grieve, to reflect, to let go, to have the strength to keep going, and so much more. You can always use a guided journal, but I feel the blank journals give you so much more room to think and expand without limits. 

Pink Hello Gorgeous Notebook Journal with gold foil embedded in the cover on a desk with a pink and gold mermaid pen

 4. Moon Journal 

This one was suggested to me a couple of years ago during the pandemic and it has become a huge staple to my journaling routine. If you've ever felt that your mood changed out of thin air only to find out it was a new moon or full moon and wondered how to process your feelings during those times, you were on to something. Moon journaling has allowed me to flow with the tides instead of working against them. There were times I felt like I was working hard and getting nowhere, or times where I was sad and didn't know how to pick up my energy. I then learned how to journal my intentions, dreams, goals, and moods according to the moon phases and everything started shifting for me. Manifesting desires became easier and more effortless to me as well. One word of caution though, some things you desire may come, but not always how you envision it. Sometimes you have to give up to go up and that can be difficult when you are used to living in a comfort zone, but growth is always great and if that's what you desire, then it'll always be worth it. 

Blue moon journal with yellow moon and goddess designs laying on top of the success planner opened to the page with a monthly calendar.

5. Morning Pages 

One of my favorite thing to do in the morning is ditch the phone and tune into my immediate thoughts without any judgement. I love this morning writing because I usually get out whatever I was thinking about during the night, in my dreams, or all the thoughts that bombard me without giving me anytime to process where I even am each morning. With morning pages, you basically write whatever! No organization, no style, no nothing. Just write whatever is at the top of your head before your feet hit the floor. Doing this can help you release any overwhelm or anxiety so you can calmly set your intentions for the day, help you get in a great mood, release anything you don't want in your life any longer, and offer up whatever healing you might need. The point is to write each morning no matter what and then let that sh^t go! 

Goldish journal with Morning Pages written in turquoise and pink, with turquoise, orange and pink stripes adorned with a smiley face and a yellow sun

6. Business Prosperity Journal 

This one is a bonus because not everyone owns a business, but I write in my business prosperity journal as often as I work on my business. In it, I write my vision for my business, any systems, processes, or strategies I need to move my business forward. If I attend any trainings, meet with any mentors, or see any courses I want to take later, it's all in this journal, very well  organized and keeps me extra accountable. A flip through my business prosperity journal from time to time always lights my fire to expand my brand, and keeps me motivated to accomplish all of the things I’m working towards.