Morning Gratitude Journal Prompts

Morning Gratitude Journal Prompts

"What you focus on expands!" You've probably heard that before. The tricky part about this is that when life is not being kind, it can be difficult not to focus on "the truth," or "a reality." This is where morning gratitude journaling can help you redirect your focus so that you can bring more of what you desire into your life. 

When you think about what you are grateful for, it will help you to recognize the good things that are happening in your life instead of prioritizing your focus on those less-than-ideal aspects of your life.

When you choose to be grateful for everything that is happening in your life, you won't see only half of the picture, you will see how full your life is, and all the gifts, people, and relationships that matter.

The more grateful you are, the better off your life will be because it will be easier to move and respond to situations with joy when you're aware of what you have, instead of being down, depressed, or having bouts of anxiety because you choose to focus on what you don't have.

This is why we love the "Power of Your Gratitude Journal."  It is an amazing digital gratitude journal because it sets you up with an easy way to start your day with joy and positivity.

The Power of Your Gratitude journal prompts and daily gratitude exercises will help you remind yourself of the amazing things in your life (even the most overlooked moments) so you can move through your day and make decisions on a positive note. 

Typically as people, we are more likely to make decisions from a place of scarcity,  sadness, fear or anger. When that happens, we get more of those types of circumstances. However, when you express daily gratitude, you cultivate joy, and when you make decisions out of joy, you bring more experiences of the love, joy, wealth, and relationship fulfillment you desire. 

Other than creating joy in the physical realm of your life, practicing gratitude each morning will create resonant pathways in your brain that will help you grow into a more loving, nurturing individual who is able to create the life you desire and deserve because your vibrational energy will be so high. 

Below are two gratitude journal prompts that will help you get started on your daily gratitude, but we recommend you take our challenge and go through 5 complete days of the Power of Your Gratitude Workbook which is designed to help you partake in the mindset, energy, feelings, and actions that allow you to live in a state of gratitude, consistently.

Gratitude Journal Prompt 1: What or who is the biggest gift in your life right now? 

Gratitude Journal Prompt 2: What is something a family or friend you did for you that you are grateful for? 

Love these gratitude prompts? Check out the Power of Your Gratitude 5-Day Challenge Workbook and the 90-Day Mindful Gratitude Journal.


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