4 Overlooked Steps You Need to Take to Prepare for Success in 2022

4 Overlooked Steps You Need to Take to Prepare for Success in 2022

New year, new me ... that's what we know everyone will be saying! Timelines will be filled with photos of family and friends and resolutions they want to make --- some will even ask friends to help them be accountable. Chances are high, that you will be in the group of either the posters or the one who joins the accountability circle. 

But then two to three months down the road, everyone has abandoned the new year, new me ship and has returned to their old ways.  Why?  Because there's always one big mistake most people make at the beginning of the new year! 

Since that one big step is missed each year, the results end up being the exact same as the year before, with little to no growth over the previous years. 

So, here we are, sharing the 4 most overlooked steps you need to take to prepare for success in 2022. Here we go ... 

1. Reflect on the Previous Year - This is such an overlooked step. Most people focus on the negatives and how hard those obstacles were and tend to rush into the new year, hoping it will be different. Only it won't without full reflection of all of your moments.

What success have you had?  What lessons have you learned? What were areas or personal, professional, or relationship growth have you had? What areas to you need to spend time in improving so you can experience growth? What habits, relationships, characteristics, etc., do you need to let go of in order to grow? What were you most proud of? What do you wish you did differently? 

When you sit, reflect and journal these thoughts by truly being honest with yourself, you will gain more clarity on how to actually set the right goals for yourself so you can succeed. To write your thoughts and reflections without boundaries, we recommend any of Fit For More Store's notebook journals to get started on a successful new year. 

2. Completely Let Go of What No Longer Serves You - There is a saying about how we can't pour new wine into old bottles, yet most people live their lives attempting to do just that. Going in and out of different years with the same attachments to things, people, places, thoughts, emotions, habits, etc. that made us exactly who we are today, yet are expecting better outcomes. It won't work. In fact, holding on to the familiar and what makes you comfortable only makes you frustrated as you attempt to make changes. 

The truth is, in order to grow, you have to be willing to let go of any and everything that is no longer serving you. You have to be able to welcome new beginnings without being fearful of what the future holds for them. Because the truth of the matter is, while you are holding on to what you believe is comfortable, you are also not happy. If you were, you wouldn't be looking forward to changes. So another quote is, "change is hard, but so is comfort, so choose your hard."

Let go. Completely let go of anything that is draining you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, and by doing so, those areas will automatically be refilled with the right people, places, habits, thoughts, and emotions that allow you to live a better new year - and life.

The HeartSpace Devotional Journal is an amazing resource should you decide to be serious about letting go of all that no longer serves you, and inviting in the positive light that does, all areas of your life. It's a 30-day process of truly loving yourself and putting your needs and desires, first. 

3.   Write down your dreams and goals (those are not the same) - One thing most people do is declare their dream, verbally. The most popular one around this time is getting into the best shape of their life. What few realize is that is actually an example of a dream that is being treated like a goal.

Most people fail at that dream because they start attempting all of the possible habits needed to reach that dream. Once they realize that dream is too big and starts to feel unattainable, then they abandon ship. This is one of the biggest reasons why those new year, new me accountability groups rarely work. None of the individuals have done the inner work to make changes, so change cannot come. Another reason is because it is likely everyone in that group is on the same level and there is no one who has achieved where the group desires to go. So there is little vision for what truIy is possible, only a desire and little hope. 

It is important to note that true change starts with you writing down your dream and then taking that dream and breaking it down into reasonable attainable goals. Writing is a very important step because it allows you to see a full map of plans, action, and results. While writing is the most important part of achieving success, only 3% of people regularly write their goals and 7% sometimes write their goals. This makes 90% of people going through life attempting to shift their results without any actual strategy. 

When it comes to strategy, it's important to realize goals are made up of the small habits/actions you take each day that move you closer to your dreams. Those small habits/actions then compound into you reaching your goal, and every step completed towards the goal allows you to move closer to your dream.  

The Fit For More Success Planner is actually goal-setting planner that takes you through these exact steps. Big dream, goals, action steps, and an accountability section where are faced to reflect on your results and actions to determine where you need to make further changes, or stay on track. It is a must have if you have goals in 2022. 

4. Train Your Brain to Stay Positive Throughout the Process - After letting go, this one is one of the most crucial steps to a successful journey. Reaching a dream is not easy. Steps towards the goal contains obstacles and even setbacks. When these occur, most people retreat because their heart and soul is tied to the outcome. The more obstacles and setbacks that arise, the more the dream seems unattainable and shortly after that, quitting follows.  

To truly see a vision come to life, you must be tied to the journey, not the outcome. You must learn to embody the feelings of joy, gratitude, and fulfillment for each phase of the journey whether you are successful or learning.

If you don't learn, you don't grow. If you don't grow, you won't be successful. I once heard this and it changed my life ... dreams are a part of you. Your dreams are a higher version of yourself letting you know that what you see is possible. So once you take the steps, the path will unfold so you can get there. You just have to b willing to go and grow through it. 

One of the most powerful things to help you stay positive are affirmations and focus words to help you along your journey when you need a reminder.  Fit For More Store's Purse, Bag, and Keychain Charms are a perfect motivator to carry with you whenever you need a positive reminder. 

If you're ready to put yourself first, let go of what no longer serves you, and commit to the actions that will, you can achieve anything you desire. 

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