How to Affirm & Journal for Personal Growth

  • Holiday Gift Guide for Her

    Holiday shopping can be a daunting task for the giver. While the holidays should be the most wonderful time, it can be a stressful time if you're w...
  • 666 Angel Number Journal Prompts

    The 666 energy portal that is released in the month of June 2022 on June 6th, June 15th, and June 24th are amazing days to discipline your energy towards change. Meaning letting go of anything that's not serving you and realigning your focus on what serves your highest and best self. 

    This is a time for you to sit and reflect as well as reconnect spiritually for inner healing, guidance, and wholeness in yourself. 

    If you have been worried in any way about your purpose in life ... this is specifically a time to

  • 5 Types of Journals You Should Keep and Why

    I found that my life drastically changed when I used multiple journals for different things because I had more focus, clarity, organization and accountability! 

    So here are the five types of journals I keep, to create a better life for myself, fill my cup on a daily basis, and move closer to my most desired dreams and goals each day. It is my hope that you find benefit from this and choose your favorites based on what you hope to gain in your life. 

  • How to Practice Self-Love

    In order to be fulfilled, we must put ourselves first and pursue our goals, wants and needs first before anyone else can fill our cup. We must create authenticity in everything we do so that we can be happy with ourselves and with others around us.

    After all, if you are not happy with you and you don't love you, how can anyone else do that for you? I recently read a quote and it was, "The truth is that if we are going to be happy, it is not by fulfilling the desires of others." -Lao Tzu

  • Morning Gratitude Journal Prompts

    "What you focus on expands!" You've probably heard that before. The tricky part about this is that when life is not being kind, it can be difficult not to focus on "the truth," or "a reality." 

    When you choose to be grateful for everything that is happening in your life, you won't see only half of the picture, you will see how full your life is, and all the gifts, people, and relationships that matter. 

  • Clearing Your Crystals for Successful Use

    Yay, you have crystals, but now what?   First, before we get into how what to do with them and how to care for them, it's important to know what t...
  • 4 Overlooked Steps You Need to Take to Prepare for Success in 2022

    New year, new me ... that's what we know everyone will be saying! Timelines will be filled with photos of family and friends and resolutions they want to make --- but then two to three months down the road, everyone has abandoned the new year, new me ship and has returned to their old ways.  Why?  Because there's always one big mistake most people make at the beginning of the new year! 
  • Affirmations and Journaling for Personal Growth

    Growth is required, even if it makes you uncomfortable ... try these 5 affirmations to help you grow into your highest and best self.